Chartered Civil and Consulting Engineer and Designer


Principal Designer, Freeman Fox & Partners.

  • Initiated new concepts in the design, fabrication and construction of many long-span bridges and special structures undertaken by the Firm over 20 years, such as:
    • Auckland Harbour Bridge, 1959-1969, main span 243m/797ft
    • Forth Road Bridge, 1964, 1005m/3300ft
    • Severn Bridge, 1966, 988m/3240ft
    • Wye Bridge, 1966, 235m/770ft
    • Erskine Bridge, 1971, 305m/1000ft
    • Bosporus I Bridge, 1973, 1074m/3523ft
    • Humber Bridge, 1981, 1410m/4624ft
  • Optical and radio-telescopes in Australia and Canada.


Partner, Freeman Fox & Partners, Consulting Engineers

  • First Bosporus Bridge design and other bridgework.
  • Resident Partner in Istanbul on Bosporus Bridge construction 1972/73.
  • Detail designs adopted for the Humber Bridge.
  • Reports bridge and tunnel crossings in many parts of the world including Straits of Gibraltar.
  • Design of suspension bridge across the Dardanelles, 1750m span.
  • Development study for buoyant oil production platforms.
  • Proposed bridge crossing of English Channel with 2000m suspended spans in series, with unique protection against ship/bridge pier collision. 1979
  • Advice on design and construction of bridges in Denmark, Holland, India, Japan, Korea, and Thailand.
  • Experimental work with new shapes of steel girder to improve plate stability without use of additional stiffening.
  • Design of ships deck-mounted container transporter for Sea Containers Int.
  • Location studies, design of buildings, telescope mountings for Northern Hemisphere Observatory, La Palma, Canary Islands including 4.2m William Herschel telescope.
  • Project management for contractors on irrigation schemes at Kirkuk and Khalis, Iraq.
  • Active member of International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineers.
  • Devised and designed standard overhead moving cranes of wide range of lifting capacities.
  • Lead designer of 80m swing bridge in Kingston Upon Hull.
  • Co-ordinated design and construction of twin leaf bascule bridge over Golden Horn in Istanbul.


Founder, Brown Beech Associates, Consulting Engineers and Bridge Designers

  • Lead designer for the proposed 3300m span road and rail bridge across Stretto di Messina (SpA)
  • Consulting engineer for Tsing Lung Bridge, Hong Kong. Detailed design
  • Cable Erection System Designer for Triangle Link, Stord and Bomla bridges, Norway.
  • Designer for Proposed Java-Bali 2100m span highway bridge, Indonesia.
  • Designer for Proposed Dardanelles 1440m span highway bridge, Turkey.
  • Design and Engineering Bridge Project Director with Turkish Government.
  • Technical Director for construction and erection equipment to Iritecna/CMF contractors for the Storebaelt East Crossing.
  • Established Brown Beech & Associates, Consulting Engineers in 1987.
  • Appointed by Turkish Government as Engineer and Project Director for construction of Second Bosporus Bridge and National Motorway in 1985.
  • Left Freeman Fox & Partners in 1985 to concentrate on long-span bridges.