Bridging two continents

The Bosphorus Bridges, Istanbul

This website supported the Bridging Two Continents (İki Kıta Birleşirken) Exhibition at the Rahmi M Koç Museum in Istanbul. The exhibition was held in the Lengerhane, a 12/18th century historical monument.

It celebrated the design, construction and continued success of the Bosphorus Bridge on its 40th anniversary, and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge (Second Bosphorus Bridge) on its 25th anniversary.

The exhibition was written and produced by 301 Design in memory of Dr William Brown, Designer and Engineer.

The exhibition had 70m of unique photographic panels revealing the story of the design and construction of the two long-span Bosphorus suspension bridges. It was on public display from 31st October 2013 to 24th October 2014. We hope you enjoyed your visit to the museum.

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